Democratizing Eyewear Style


We always want to have variety and alternatives not only for the present but also for the future. Urban Owl is a community brand that give the power to all our member to decide and vote for the next Urban Owl sunglasses design. We all join forces to create our own style and choose among several options for the next pair of sunglasses that we are going to wear.


Every month our members and followers in our Facebook fanpage, will be able to vote and choose the next Urban Owl design that we will manufacture. The candidate designs in the voting process will be submitted by professional designers in cooperation with the Urban Owl in-house design team.


In order to secure a big variety of proposals, different points of view and styles we have created a Community and all the designers, who want to participate and submit their design, will be qualified from our in-house design team. You can find more information in the Urban Owl Designer Community.


In the first voting process that will start during the pre-launch period of our website, the participants will be people that we have met during this adventure so far and we are proud to present their work. From the next month’s voting process every cooperative designer will have a brief section of presentation.