Crowdfunding milestone achieved


What an exciting experience and how amazing people are out there. A great THANK YOU to all our friends and supporters who helped us realize Urban Owl.


Almost all perks have been sent to our backers and now we start collecting their stunning reviews. Send your review for Urban Owl sunglasses and give us power to improve and continue our effort. From the first feedback it seems that the word of mouth is going to make Urban Owl viral. I am excited to see that our best promoters are the people who supported us in our first steps.


The crowdfunding adventure not only helped us get funds but also gave us the chance to fulfill our first commitment to our supporters. During this trip I met and spoke to many people and everyone was adding his point of view for Urban Owl and somehow I realized that Urban Owl is not something that came out of my mind, but an eyewear brand that’s reflecting the personal style of each one individually.


That’s the reason we decided to turn Urban Owl to a community of personal style. I wanted to give power to the people to choose for their next pair of sunglasses and not just ask them to purchase a readymade design without alternatives.


Democratizing eyewear style, with the values of Urban Owl, is the new revolution in eyewear!