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Our Story

How We Make our Sunglasses

We are a small team of designers but most importantly we are friends who share the same values and the same passion for architecture, interior design and craftsmanship. We manufacture our sunglasses in a Greek workshop to support craftsmanship which is on the verge of extinction in modern industries.

The material used for the sunglasses is called acetate and it is of the finest Italian quality. Acetate is a light weighted and ecological material. Urban Owl sunglasses are inspired by the urban culture and deeply influenced by new retro design. Light weighted. Made to last.

High Definition Lenses

High Definition lenses upgrade vision by boosting colors, reducing glare and protecting the eyes from the sun's UV harmful rays. They are suitable not only for everyday activities in the city but also for sports and at the beach where sunlight is extreme.

Blue Light Control

Blue Light Control filter neutralizes blue light, preventing eye strain and fatigue. These innovative lenses protect the wearer from all blue light sources like the sun and digital screens (monitors, tablets and smartphones). They are impact-resistant and 100%UV protective.

Democratizing Eyewear Style

Next designed pair of sunglasses will be the result of your voice!

Design Team

Developing eyewear style through a democratic voting procedure


Urban Owl is the alternative option for eyewear