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Urban Owl sunglasses contribute to charity

Posted by Urban Owl 08/03/2016 0 Comment(s)

Urban Owl is a new brand reproducing vintage iconic sunglasses manufactured exclusively in Greece with high quality lenses. The campaign was launched through Indiegogo, crowdfunding platform, since 27th of July 2015 and one of the campaign’s highest priority is charity.


A big part of this project is focused in solidarity for the people in need. For every pair of sunglasses sold through the campaign, 5€ will be given directly to a credible non-profit organization supporting children in need. There will be also two categories for foundations, organizations and communities that want to contribute in a greater scale.


Another very important aspect of this project is to create a sustainable outgoing business model which will directly support the Greek economy by giving jobs to Greek people. The success of this venture will inspire young Greeks to pursue their dreams and share their creativity with hard work. This will provide alternative options instead of migrating.


Every pair of sunglasses from this collection, will have a small blue patch with the Urban Owl logo representing European solidarity, indicating every time you wear it that you have been a part of this movement.