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Augmented Reality Games: Same Fun. Play More

Posted by Urban Owl 21/07/2016 0 Comment(s)


   Urban Owl team is restless regarding eyewear. It is our thing to make sunglasses and we love breaking stereotypes. At first it was  done by launching a new vision experience with HD lenses.


  Did you know that your Urban Owl sunglasses with HD lenses are also suitable for the game you play?


   You can now play your favorite augmented reality game in the streets, fields or open spaces focused, not worrying about eye strain or  fatigue. High Definition lenses enhance basic colors while increasing their vividness.


   The more sun the better for your sunglasses. You can play and not worry about the reflections or any shiny spots on your screen, as long as you increase the brightness and wear  your HD sunglasses.


  High Definition lenses selectively filter sunlight resulting in the enhancement of the warm colors you see on your screen. The strong  contrast and the vivid colors of High Definition lenses prevent you from losing any moment of fun while trying to climb up to the next  level.


  Blue Light filter not only neutralizes the harmful blue light from the screen of your mobile but also keeps your eyes relaxed to enjoy longer gaming hours. Blue Light is responsible for harmfulness to the eyes and fatigue due to the extreme emissions of devices like smartphones, tablets and any other digital monitor. Also, the sun is the nature source of Blue Light.


  To be protected while having fun catching your favorite avatars in the city, you will need the Urban Owl sunglasses as an ally.


  People are running in the streets trying to catch the little creatures and it’s like our generation is catching some nostalgia from our early 20s.


  For indoor playing, choose “Gamer” model with transparent lenses. Blue Light Filter relaxes the eyes and allows you to play more hours in front of any screen. All you need to do is wear your transparent Urban Owl Gamer eyewear and start the game.


  Between you and your game there is an ally. Increase your screen brightness and start playing with new rules.


Same Fun. Play More